Areopolis is the largest village in the Municipality of Eastern Mani and its historic capital

The imposing stone towers, the picturesque alleys and the combination of mountain and sea contribute to a unique landscape that every visitor will love. The history of Areopolis is rich and evolves from antiquity to modern history.One of its most important events is the beginning of the Greek revolution of 1821,which started from the city square on March 17, 1821. Since the end of the 18th century, the square’s focal point has been the church of the Brigadiers, the cathedral of Areopolis that dominates with its impressive five-story bell tower. Walking around the main square and the picturesque alleys with the restaurants and the small bars creates an atmosphere of relaxation, in which you can enjoy your drink or taste the traditional cuisine … The Byzantine Museum of Areopolis is close by, housed in Pikoulakis tower. In the western part of Areopolis, the sea takes over and spreads in front of us, offering one of the most beautiful sunsets during the evening hours.

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